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Dehydroascorbic Acid - Vitamin C Spider Bites

Infected Spider and Insect Bites

We have had two people who have used our Topical DHAA Vitamin C serum as a treatment for infected spider bites. The one in the video below was definitely identified as a white tailed spider bite, the spider was found in the trouser leg.

Watch a video on Dehydroascorbic Acid serum on an infected spider bite

The other spider bite (representative pic below) was more ulcerated with a deep hole in the middle surrounded by black edges. Unfortunately we didn't take a photo of the second spider bite but the victim identified the photo below from the hundreds on the internet as being very close to the site of her bite and severity of infection. The results were similar to the results achieved in the video above. This victim responded within 24 hours swelling and redness had noticeably abated. Uninfected clean scab formed in around five days with full healing in two weeks. A depressed scar remained for around three months but is now almost imperceptible.

Ulcerated infected spider bite treatment