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Thin Skin Treatment Vitamin C - DHAA Serum - Case Study

The first subject to use Vitamin C DHAA serum suffered from very thin, easily bruised and easily torn skin with shedding, flaking and scaling. After using Vitamin C DHAA serum skin treatment the issues were largely resolved within six weeks and further improvements have continued for over 12 months. Initially the vitamin c serum was applied more intensively both internally and externally, after 4 months the dosage frequency was reduced.

This subject was suffering from rapid transit digestion caused by carcinoid cancer, bowel resection (1.5 meters of ilium removed) and carcinoid syndrome where excesses of digestive enzymes and hormones are produced by the tumors. Micronutrients and vitamins were being poorly absorbed because of compromised digestion.

Supplementation with oral vitamin C supplements including liposomal vitamin C was tried initially, but the subject reacted badly even to one gram doses (borderline carcinoid crisis).

Symptoms were:

  1. Thin, transparent and fragile skin.
  2. Slow healing of cuts and bruises.
  3. Weak capillary structure, bruises would spread for days and be far larger than the injury area, the bruise marks were very slow to resolve.
  4. Prolific flaking of fine skin particles and scaling in areas.
  5. Sagging, stringy skin of poor texture
  6. Poor gum structure, three loose teeth needing removal.
  7. Recurrent mouth ulcers.
  8. Diarrhea of up to 30 times per day, better controlled for last three years and more manageable with medications.

Despite eating plenty of nutritious foods she absorbed little micronutrient and vitamin value from her diet. The production of the enzymes and hormones manufactured by the cancer exacerbated the situation as the body's method of producing surpluses of hormones and enzymes consumes a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Much protien and micronutrient value was likely lost through ongoing issues with rapid transit digestion and diarrhea.

All prior treatments prescribed by a variety of doctors over the previous 5 years had failed to improve her skin and gum symptoms. Permission was given by her oncologist to try the DHAA Serum. His report unequivocally states that he can find no other reason for the marked improvement in her skin and oral conditions other than the DHAA - Vitamin C serum.

Application Methods and Doseage

One teaspoon of the serum contains around a 750mg total vitamin C (DHAA and Ascorbic Acid forms) and 4250mg of vegetable glycol.

For a full body and mouth treatment dissolve one teaspoon of the serum in half a glass of warm water and stir. First quarter of the glass is taken into the mouth, sloshed around while being held in as long as practical, then gargled and swallowed.

It may need two or three small gulps to get through the a quarter glass of the solution.

Pour around a tablespoon of the remaining diluted solution into a cupped hand and spread over the affected areas, repeat until you have used all the remaining solution over entire body.

The best time for whole body application is after showering but this is not essential. Avoid harsh soaps and other skin treatments and only use mild cosmetics after application.


Within a month the difference was noticeable, after three months it was undeniable. She was receiving many complements on her great looking skin.

It was fuller, thicker, the stringiness and scaling had improved. At three and a half months the bruising issue had largely resolved.

At five months it was even fuller and thicker, the underlying tissue appears firmer and even better attached, appearance and function of capaliliaries and veins have also continued to improve.

The skin appears to have rebuilt collagen and elastin and this seems to have thickened and tightened the skin at the deeper levels as treatment time increases.

Her flaking skin issue is no longer evident when she uses the DHAA although she will have a slight recurrence if she doesn't use it for a few days.

Now that things are so much better she uses less, around half a teaspoon per day and does not use it every day. She has also enjoyed other benefits covered in our DHAA side effects page. On the last visit to her oncologist he was astonished at how well she looked.

At an appointment with the dentist to have the three loose teeth extracted as the the gums had deteriorated too far (the appointment had been booked before she started on the DHAA) she was told extraction was no longer necessary as two of the teeth were now solid and the third one had tightened in the gums.

The dentist complemented her on her oral hygiene and general appearance of the mouth and gums, and said gum and mouth tissue now appeared very healthy.

Other Supplements

Around two months into her DHAA protocol one to two grams of lysine was taken daily, one multi vitamin/mineral supplement and niacin was sprinkled on food. There were also suspected deficiencies in these micro-nutrients.


The most amazing thing regarding this patient is symptoms, which appear indicative of a serious pre-existing vitamin C deficiency, have been largely resolved by the application of a topical serum formulation of Ascorbic Acid and Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA).

For a patient displaying such scurvy like symptoms to absorb/reduce sufficient DHAA and/or Ascorbic acid topically through the skin to overcome such obvious symptoms has never been reported prior to this and cannot be found anywhere in the scientific literature.

Another possibile explanation is that this patients Sodium Vitamin C transporters (SVCT) in her digestive system are damaged or faulty or insufficient because of her surgery or rapid transit digestion.


As GLUT cells (glucose transporters) are involved in the transport of DHAA it is best to take it orally, or apply it topically when blood sugar levels are low. For maximum effect avoid all sugars and high Glycemic Index (GI) foods for two or three hours prior to taking DHAA orally. Avoid all sugars, fizzy drinks, fruit, fruit drinks, processed yougurts or flavoried milk drinks, potatoes, bread, rice, flour, most grains and all processed foods.

Eat ONLY protiens and green vegetables prior to taking or applying the serum. Foods like eggs meat, fish, milk, unsweetened natural yogurt, cheese, salads cause no interference in DHAA metabolism.

Metaboliic processes involved in the reduction of DHAA to ascorbic acid also trigger immune responses and the production of Glutathione which is a powerful antioxidant and immune system enabler which we produce in our bodies.

Plastic Surgery Scars Improved With Vitamin C DHAA Serum

Surgery on 17th October 2016, by the 2nd November photo shows initial healing progressing well, DHAA Vitamin C Serum treatment started 17th November. By the 2nd December scars settling very well and fading. Patient is a smoker so faster results are likely in non-smokers. The video below was filmed 13th January 2017 and show further improvements.