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Vitamin C DHAA serum is made from pure Ascorbic Acid of which a portion is converted into the naturally occurring Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA) form of Vitamin C. The serum is suspended in vegetable glycerine.

Scientific studies show the DHAA form of Vitamin C penetrates skin 12 times more efficiently than normal Vitamin C serums and this results in far higher levels of normal Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) being available for repairing damage, fighting infection, healing and rebuilding collagen fibers and capillaries. This is because DHAA converts to Ascorbic acid once it has penetrated the skin!

Vitamin C DHAA serum can be used internally or externally and is particularly beneficial for a myriad of skin and dental issues including strengthening gums, removing and repairing sun damage, it is strongly antibacterial on infections and it is great for promoting healing and replenishing poor skin condition due to aging, medications or sun exposure. DHAA has a higher anti viral and anti fungal activity than pure ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

In our experience the increased absorption of DHAA ensures this Vitamin C serum is certainly worth trying for most non genetic external skin or subcutaneous conditions. It is particularly relevant to conditions that are due to, or cause, low vitamin C levels in the skin.

Poor skin condition due to medication, poor diet, malabsorption, burns, infection, skin grafts, poor circulation, diabetes, insect bites, stings and moles caused by sun damage (including a superficial basal cell carcinoma confirmed by biopsy), nail fungus and bacterial infections (as long as they are non-systemic) have all responded well in our trials which are reported elsewhere on this website.

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Vitamin C DHAA Serum is excellent for promoting rapid healing of skin tears, improving the capillaries and normalising bruising extent and skin thickness on thin fragile skin. It is also capable of reducing swelling, bruising and inflammation and quickly soothing insect bites and bee wasp and hornet stings.

Vitamin C DHAA Serum keeps for over a year in the freezer without freezing and keeps for months in the fridge. Keep out of strong sunlight.

DHAA Serum Does not Cure Eczema and Psoriasis

Genetic disorders such as eczema and psoriasis and some forms of dermatitis are not usually cured with Vitamin C - DHAA Serum, although infections and healing of damaged skin caused by scratching these conditions often is.

Side Effects

All cases we have researched are on this website or are pending publication and all participants have experienced benefits. The only side effects reported are two subjects and only when very high doses have been applied for extended periods of time.

Case one was a rash that appeared after 10 months of daily application at four times the recommended dosage, the rash disappeared after four days abstinence.

The second case used undiluted serum twice per day on a superficial basal cell carcinoma for twelve weeks, after ten weeks and coincidental with the disappearance of the carcinoma the area became slightly inflamed and itchy. Dosage was cut to once daily, three days on - four days off for another few weeks until the skin specialist declared the basal cell carcinoma resolved. The irritation ceased a couple of days after treatment ceased.

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  • A half to one teaspoon in a quarter glass of water is enough for a complete skin treatment head to toe.
  • A few slightly diluted drops is all you need for most localised skin ailments.
  • Quarter to half a teaspoon in water makes a great mouthwash, the longer you keep the serum in the mouth the more DHAA you will absorb. Great for gum issues!
  • For oral issues further back gargle and swallow a quarter teaspoon if the issue is in the throat.

Contains no alcohol, preservatives or additives.

If you want more info or wish to participate in our trials use the contact us page.

Trial participants will get free Vitamin C DHAA serum if they comply with our policies and have conditions where we believe the product may be helpful.

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Disclaimer and Guarantee:

Before you buy please note:

By law we cannot claim any medical benefit from the Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA) component of our Vitamin C DHAA serum. The reason for this is there is only sparse scientific evidence of those benefits due to the fact Dehydroascorbic Acid has not been researched as a treatment for the conditions featured on this website. DHAA has been researched on other conditions and found to be beneficial in areas where ascorbic acid, (normal vitamin C), is not.

The cost of running a series of proper independent scientific blind trials on the variety of medical conditions reported by our volunteers is prohibitive for us.

As none of the required independent research on DHAA will likely lead to a patentable medicine it is unlikely this research will ever be done by anyone. We have recently sent some of our case studies to the New Zealand Minister of Health and are currently waiting for the ministry of health to review them.

If you purchase our Vitamin C - DHAA Serum and it is ineffective on any condition where we have reported success we will refund your money plus postage in full. If you are otherwise dissatisfied we will refund the purchase price excluding postage if you return the unused portion. We also recommend that if you are using this product on a medical condition you also inform the doctor treating it. Buy now