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Does Vitamin C Benefit Terminal Cancer Patients?

Over the last seven years I have had two close family members diagnosed with terminal cancer and put under palliative care. I have been patient advocate for both since their first diagnosis.

For the last two years I have tried more holistic approaches in an attempt to improve both their quality of life and survival times. Both cases are quite different and required different forms of Vitamin C, supplements and dietary modifications. I believe the results have been very worthwhile.

Personally I firmly believe that vitamins and amino acids, combined with healthy diet offer significant improvements in quality of life for terminal cancer patients, I also believe it may also slow the progress of the disease.

I do not believe vitamins can cure either of the patients I advocate for. I work closely with the oncologists involved in these cases and suggest this combined approach will deliver the best results.

Due to the success with these two patients I have put this website up to let others know exactly what we did and the products we used in the hope that others may find some relief or benefit from the methods we used.

Friends and other family members with a variety of ailments have also asked for and been given the same products and their results are also reported here.

Vitamin C Trials - Carcinoid Cancer

Female patient was diagnosed in 2010 with intestinal carcinoid cancer with liver metastasis, a section of the ileum was removed immediately, shortly after her surgery she deteriorated with multiple liver metastasis and in 2011 was given a prognosis of nine months to live.

After seeking a second opinion from the Peter Mac Cancer Center in Melbourne she has had had Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT) treatments every 18 months.

While the treatments have held the cancer, the symptoms she had to live with for the next five years were almost unbearable.

Her extended survival has been a combination of surgery, PRRT, chemotherapy, octreotide injections(LAR).

The recent addition of topical Dehydroascorbic Acid Serum, vitamins and amino acids after her last PRRT treatment has alleviated or improved some longstanding symptoms including gum disease, loose teeth, thin skin, weak capillaries often causing extensive bruising and extensive whole body skin flaking.

Supplemental lysine and niacin has also improved mental function and reduced anxiety and depression. An unexpected result was her skin has been completely replenished by the dehydroascorbic acid serum and she now gets complemented on how great it looks, this aspect has really lifted her spirits.

Many of her sun spots dried up and fell off and sun damaged areas have been replaced with new skin.

After only three months on topical Dehydroascorbic Acid, Lysine and Niacin she said she felt better than at any time over the last seven years!

If the vitamins and amino acids that have lifted her quality of life over the last three months had been given earlier, her quality of life over the last six years would have been vastly improved.

Read the full report with all the ensuing treatments, supplements and dosages here.

Vitamin C Trials - Esophageal Cancer

Female patient was diagnosed in August 2012 with squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus. Radiation and chemotherapy was initially successful but by August 2015 she was re-diagnosed with Stage IV squamous cell carcinoma metastatic disease to the lungs.

The main tumor was 75mm diameter. Although she had no symptoms, prognosis was three to six months without chemotherapy and possibly three to six months longer if she had treatment immediately.

She refused the chemo and elected IV Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) of 100 grams twice weekly for two months and also undertook lifestyle changes and other supplementation.

On the third month a daily intake 15 to 20 grams of liposomal ascorbic acid in sunflower lecithin was taken instead of the IV vitamin C. By the end of the third month she reported feeling better than she had anytime in the last 15 years.

If the holistic program had been implemented immediately after the initial diagnosis an additional three years of excellent quality of life could have possibly been available and the onset of metastatic disease may have been delayed!

The oncologists have been surprised at how long the patient has been symptom free as this is a particularly aggressive cancer.

According to the oncologists delaying the chemotherapy has not compromised the expected effectiveness of using it in future and she is scheduled to commence an 18 week chemotherapy course soon, this is a gain of almost a full year of symptom and chemo free life she has enjoyed.

Update: Tumors grown to size requiring 10 chemotherapy to commence. 10 weeks into chemotherapy and patient is still usually in good spirits and functioning well.

Two setbacks have occurred, palliative radiation was required for sciatic nerve involvement and a short stay in hospital to resolve a bleed into the chest cavity was required at the start of chemo.

Vitamin C Trials - Antibiotic Resistant Cellulitis

Cellulitis is a serious infection in the tissues below the skin and is usually due to a cut or insect bite. The infection in a close family friend was originally centered around the patients big toe nail. After two weeks of oral antibiotics she was eventually admitted to hospital where multiple surgeries and debridements combined with IV antibiotics were given for a month. Upon discharge from hospital a week after reconstructive surgery the infection had subsided and the wound looked clean. One week later it appeared the infection had returned, the foot, ankle and lower leg were swollen and the wound appeared inflamed again. The whole foot was covered in a glycol, dehydroascorbic acid and ascorbic acid serum for two hours, the ongoing treatment was a daily application of DHAA Vitamin C serum. The results were remarkable. Read the whole article here - warning graphic pictures.

Update: A second trial case of DHAA treatment of a badly infected toenail that had not been resolved with two types of antibiotics is also now reported on the same page.

Infected Spider Bites Treated With Vitamin C Serum

Two cases - both badly infected with one ulcerated the other before ulceration are treated with dehydroascorbic acid and ascorbic acid serum. Both resolved in around ten days...more info (Graphic images)