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Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA) - A Vital Natural Form Of Vitamin C And Better Than Ascorbic Acid In Many Metabolic Processes

Here at Vitamin Solutions we manufacture a powerful form of Vitamin C that has been scientifically shown to have the ability to penetrate through skin 12 times more effectively than pure ascorbic acid, (pure vitamin C).

We have case studies with photos, videos and customer reports showing that when applied directly to a variety ailments on the skin, mouth and throat the results from the application of Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA) Vitamin C serum have ranged from between "making noticable difference" and "spectacular".

Skin is not just a sheild protecting the outside of us from the environment, it includes the layers inside that protects us from everything we eat, drink and breathe in as well.

Skin membranes of different types also line the mouth and nasal passages, throat and stomach and keeps the contents inside the intestines separate from our bloodstream and allows us to filter through only what we need, while letting most of the harmful or unnecessary substances pass through.

As we age, or if we expose these protective layers of skin and membranes to high levels of oxidative stress, they will eventually start to break down and illness will follow.

All skin areas (and blood vessels) use collagen as the lattice material to hold cells together, repair damage and prevent leakage. Vitamin C is a key component the body needs in the formation of collagen. Even healthy people need a constant intake of Vitamin C, without it the first signs of scury begin to develop in only four weeks, at three months you will die from it.

Scurvy is a death due mainly to leakage, internal bleeding and external bleeding where tissue and b lood vessels just break down. Whole body scurvy is very rare in developed societies so most of us do get enough vitamin C in our diet to prevent it.

But what about areas of low blood flow and/or at times of very high demand for additional vitamin C due to infections, cuts, burns, illness etc. The Vitamin C level in skin is much harder to raise than most other tissues and it's there where the Dehydroascorbic Acid form of Vitamin C can make a huge difference.

Pure Vitamin C comes in two natural forms in fruits and vegetables. The reduced form is the Vitamin C we all know from supplements (it is actually Ascorbic Acid). The other form is Dehydroascorbic Acid.

Both molecules are antioxidants but the Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA) is far better able to penetrate the skin and has more powerful antiviral and anti fungal properties, it is also the main form that transports vitamin C around the body.

DHAA has many important roles in the body and is the only form of Vitamin C capable of crossing the blood/brain barrier. DHAA is vital for many other cellular processes. Having both DHAA and Ascorbic Acid together mimics nature best.

In some vegetables (Swiss chards) all the vitamin C is often in the form of DHAA, while the vitamin C rich persimmon often has a 50/50 mix of both types. Usually vitamin C levels in fruits and vegetables given on dietary charts is calculated as follows - Ascorbic Acid plus DHAA = total Vitamin C.

The industrial methods we now use to grow, store and process food these days destroys much of the vitamin C content.

Many fruits and vegetables today have lost up to 40% of their micronutrient value. That is 40% less vitamins and minerals when compared to 60 years ago.

Healthy skin needs ample vitamin C to protect itself and our bodies from environmental sources of damage.

Consider all the extra environmental sources of new corrosive free radicals our modern lifestyle places on our now meager vitamin C intake over those same 60 years.

The powerful new soaps and cleaning products, pesticides, preservatives in food, atmospheric pollution and the 50,000 or so new chemicals we have added to our everyday products and foods we use and eat every day. Incredibly most of these being released without researching the safety of them to humans first.

There is also the increased exposure to UV radiation from every TV, computer and phone screen we spend so much time looking at on top of that naturally received from the sun. All these factors have created a growing importance for ensuring we get enough vitamin C to keep us healthy.

Dehydroascorbic Acid (DHAA) - The Science and Case Studies

Douglas Kitt is an expert in the field of the DHAA form of Vitamin C and it's extraordinary properties, he has written several scientific papers including the one below.

Topical Dehydroascorbic Acid (Oxidized Vitamin C) Permeates Stratum Corneum More Rapidly Than Ascorbic Acid.

The results show that the DHAA form of vitamin C permeates skin at a rate up to 12 times faster than Ascorbic Acid (normal vitamin C).

Case Study 1 - DHAA and Carcinoid Cancer Symptoms

63 year old female with diagnosed in 2010 with carcinoid cancer. Primary tumor removed with part of her small intestine. Extensive liver metastasis This illness also causes rapid transit digestion and malabsorption of micro-nutrients.

Her skin was in very bad shape, it was very thin and fragile, easily bruised or torn, bruises would spread for up to a week after injury, prolific skin shedding was evident and cuts and bruises were very slow to heal.

While it appeared to be a micro nutrient issue she was unable to take oral Vitamin C or niacin due to carcinoid syndrome so she tried DHAA serum applied topically. She also used it as a mouthwash and gargle for her weak gums and loose teeth due to the suspected vitamin deficiency.

The results were astounding, before long her friends and mine, plus my staff were asking for some, they often used it as a first line treatment or complementary to prescription medicine for just about anything affecting the skin, inside the mouth or throat. It has even been successfully used topically on hemorrhoids. Click on the links in the menu to read some of their their stories.

Prior to this, increasing Vitamin C levels to alleviate whole body scurvy like symptoms through applying topical DHAA and ascorbic acid is unheard of. Read her application method and her oncologists opinion here

DHAA Ascorbic Acid Serum has equally potent effects on infections and burns. The Ascorbic Acid in the serum will penetrate directly into areas where the skin is broken or missing and the DHAA component will penetrate quickly into the surrounding unbroken skin. Read the reports and dosages of DHAA Ascorbic Acid serum here

How Does Dehydroascorbic Acid Work

Research shows DHAA delivers up to twelve times more Vitamin C at an inter cellular level in deep skin cells than topical ascorbic acid serums. The main reasons for the increased uptake is better penetration through the skin and DHAA uptake entering cells through different receptors in the cell wall. Ascorbic Acid uses SVCT receptors (sodium vitamin C transporters) and this path limits absorption by shutting down at a level of around 220 µmol/L. Dehydroascorbic Acid uses GLUT receptors that shut down at around 500 µmol/L. This means you can increase ascorbic acid blood levels much higher by taking DHAA or applying it topically than you can by taking or topically applying pure ascorbic acid.

DHAA is the same as Ascorbic Acid except that two hydrogen ions are missing. As soon as DHAA has passed through the protective layer of skin it is absorbed into the cells through GLUT receptors and a natural antioxidant called glutathione replaces the two missing hydrogen ions, thus turning the molecule back into pure Ascorbic Acid and giving the cell antioxidant protection.

The depletion of glutathione caused by this is soon corrected by the immune system and after about a hour new glutathione is produced in those same cells.

The really interesting thing to note is that instead of just replacing the amount of glutathione used, a significant surplus is made so the subcutaneous cells wind up being charged with a very high dose of ascorbic acid plus enhanced glutathione levels. The immune system is supercharged! It is also noteworthy that low glutathione levels are associated with the effects of aging.

Full Article: The physiological role of dehydroascorbic acid

Another informative research paper below also discusses this effect.

Abstract: Stimulation of the pentose phosphate pathway and glutathione levels by dehydroascorbate, the oxidized form of vitamin C

DHAA Vitamin C Serum - Our Observations

On infected areas the combination of Ascorbic Acid, DHAA and Glutathione act together rapidly reducing swelling and pain. We have observed several worsening infections undergo a complete turnaround in a matter of hours after applying our DHAA/Ascorbic Acid Serum.

DHAA and Vitamin C appears to help wounds heal much faster. After around six weeks it noticeably rebuilds collagen and elastin integrity and strengthens blood vessels, capillary leakage is noticeably reduced. It may also improve the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the wound and enhance the lymph gland and the vascular endothelial system as swelling reduces soon after treatment begins. These actions give better protection against future leakage and swelling and improve the chances of reducing and overcoming infections.

Aged Skin With Degenerated Blood Vessels

In an 89 year old female treated with DHAA Vitamin C serum for a badly infected toenail which had not responded to two courses of antibiotics we found a secondary condition common among the aged. She had poor capillary integrity on the shins of both legs and scurvy like skin lesions.

The skin was thin and fragile and bruising would result from the slightest knock. She was on blood thinners which would likely make the condition worse or may perhaps even be the cause. Deep bruising would occur in response to even slight knocks and blood would rise to the surface over a period of weeks or months before erupting through the skins surface.

A full thickness layer of skin would then detach leaving an open wound which took months to heal. Several times in the past the skin damage was so bad the patient had to be treated at hospital.

A decision was made to treat the toe and the skin of both legs from below the knee to the tips of the toes with DHAA Vitamin C serum.

Photo below shows the leg after a slight knock around eight months prior to treatment with DHAA.

Bruised vitamin c deficient leg

It had improved somewhat before the DHAA Vitamin C Serum treatment was started, but it still had several open and encrusted areas of concern and capiiiary leakage/contusion. Photo below shows legs after six weeks treatment with the serum. Overall skin colour and skin thickness have improved but the biggest change is in how the scabs are resolving.

legs treated with vitamin c DHAA serum

The two darkest lesions on the right leg are months old and would normally shed completely leaving an open wound. Now they are healing in from the edges with new pink skin visible underneath. Capillary integrity is already showing signs of improvement as new bruises are not spreading as much or for as long and are starting to resolve without breaking the surface.

Photo Below. Three weeks later and the skin condition and vitality is vastly improved. The lady also had a bad fall a couple of weeks earlier which required hospitalization, the caregivers were concerned that very serious bruises would erupt through the skin again as a consequence. However, after ten weeks of daily application of half a teaspoon of DHAA Vitamin C Serum she had a completely normal bruising response. Deep bruising was evident after the accident but the capillary leakage stopped quickly and the bruising subsided within two weeks.

after vitamin C serum treatment

After treatment with DHAA vitamin C serum

Scientific Research Paper Vitamin C Revisited excerpt below, to view full paper click link at the end:

Abridged: "The role of vitamin C in mitigating oxidative injury-induced microcirculatory impairment and associated organ failure. Vitamin C can additionally restore vascular responsiveness to vasoconstrictors, preserve endothelial barrier by maintaining cyclic guanylate phosphatase and occludin phosphorylation and preventing apoptosis. Finally, high-dose vitamin C can augment antibacterial defense. These protective effects against overwhelming oxidative stress due to ischemia/reperfusion, sepsis or burn seems to mitigate organ injury and dysfunction, and promote recovery after cardiac revascularization and in critically ill patients." Full Research Paper here:

How To Purchase

If you live in New Zealand or Australia you can purchase our DHAA directly

If you live in the United States you will need to purchase from the ReCverin website (we do not ship to the US). ReCverin have a wealth of scientific information regarding DHAA on their site.

The two products are made differently. Our DHAA is far less expensive, it is made from only two pure natural products, vegetable glycerine and ascorbic acid. The ReCverin 50/50 uses the same ingredients but use a much more involved and precise method of converting the Ascorbic Acid to DHAA. Our DHAA-Vitamin C serum has a slight golden tinge to it and the ReCverin product is a crystal clear solution.

All of the case studies reported here used our DHAA/Ascorbic Acid serum.